SEO Trends that Will Have an Impact on Digital Marketing

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In this article I give you an insight into marketing and what’s to come on my blog.

Digital marketing has never been as important to marketers as it is at the moment.

I spoke to Los Angeles SEO company Digital 91 who stated, “SEO outperforms other types of traffic in every aspect we have tested from ROI to pure conversions alone, it simply can’t be beaten!”.

Search engine optimization is one of the most important ways to ensure that people find your site and there are a number of ways that you can stay on top of the game moving forward.

SEO has helped many businesses be where they are today. We have helped No BS IM Reviews blog become a leader in their niche with their reviews.

They’ve also been able to rank for incredibly different terms to do with finance and President Trump schemes.

But SEO as we know it is changing. In fact, here are some SEO trends that are changing the digital marketing landscape in a big way. 

Here are trends that will have an effect on digital marketing:

1. Influencer Marketing

Although influencer marketing still a relatively new marketing concept, it is proving to be more than effective for some industries.

Read this article sharing 13 influencer marketing campaigns on HubSpot

People with a huge following on social media have a great opportunity to influence their fans to do business with the brands they promote. 

Obviously, this works better when you use an influencer who is associated with the kind of products or services you sell. For instance, famous athlete would be a perfect fit for your business if you deal in sports goods. 

Benefits of influencer marketing include the fact that these personalities (influencers) often have greater authority in the industry. This can have a huge impact on your sales and improve your digital marketing efficiency considerably. 

Another expert in this field some would say is Payton Welch, the guy behind the inbound closing program which has gone viral lately. Read this review here by NoBSIMReviews which shares more info.

2. Video

Appetite for video content has been on the rise. Today, internet speeds are pretty good, and devices encourage the use of this technology with their more potent features. Furthermore, video content is more common on social media than it ever was in the past. In other words, video is something modern web users want. 

That means that any business that wants to appeal to modern internet users needs to learn how to market itself using video content. Search engines are taking note of this trend as well, and plans to create more powerful video recognition features to improve rankings for sites that use video content are well underway. 

3. Credibility Over Quality 

For the longest time, the SEO motto has been quality content is king. But the world is moving on from this, credibility is becoming more important. Tired of fake well-written news, there has been a lot of backlash from users who are deceived into consuming such content. 

Search engines don’t want that, naturally. Therefore, the future might have search algorithm protocols that will have the capacity to weed out unreliable or fake information from search engine results. So, in future, websites will no longer need to provide quality content, but credible content as well. 

4. Rich Content is Becoming More Important 

For quite a while now, marketers have known that the average internet user does not have a lot of time to spend looking for the information they want.

As soon as someone spends more than a couple of seconds on content without finding what they need, they will typically move on to something else. 

The trick to ensuring that this does not happen to you is to provide rich content. It makes no sense to churn out 1000-word articles while a 300-word version will get the message across just as effectively. 

And while at it, you should provide more content variety by including videos and other graphics to keep the reader engaged. As long as you can engage your customers through proper SEO, you have a better chance of convincing them to spend their money on your products or services. 

5. Voice Searches

There has been a growth in voice searches, in no small part due to virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

Don’t believe me? See these 33 voice search stats by WordStream and you’ll soon change your mind.

These programs make use of top search results to make recommendations to people. 

Therefore digital marketers can try and make their keywords more effective conversational phrases that will find greater appeal among these voice-based search tools. In fact, as the use of voice search continues, this will become a critical part of search engine optimization for businesses that want their digital marketing efforts to meet with greater levels of success. 


The world of digital marketing keeps changing, especially when you take into consideration various SEO trends.

So, digital marketers with enough foresight should notice these trends and take the changes they bring into this marketing world in their stride. You should definitely look towards experts and expert training platforms such as Fullstaq Marketer which is NoBSIMReviews top rated program.

But ultimately SEO is still one of, if not THE best form of marketing that you can do for your business and the ROI is fantastic even with other rising costs.